Another Hopes Nose update (legal changes)

It is so sad to see a place I used to fish as a child turing into such a waste-filled, fish hoarding, money-generating, mean-spirited location. Torbay Council are prosing new conditions to deal with these issues. Keep reading…

I used to live in Meadfoot Sea Road so Meadfoot and Hopes Nose were regular haunts for me. Hopes Nose could get busy but the spirit down there was really good, lots of helpful people and we respected the area we fished in, taking all our rubbish back with us. Never did I ever see anything as awful as this down there:

Rubbish at Hopes Nose.

Torbay Council are proposing new conditions to help to stem the many issues currently facing Hopes Nose. They include all of the following:

  1. No one will be permitted within this area to catch more than 20 mackerel within any 24 hour period. Any surplus mackerel must be returned to the sea immediately.
  2. When requested by an Authorised Officer, an individual must show all caught fish to that Officer for inspection. An Authorised Officer is an Officer from Torbay Council, Devon & Cornwall Police and Torbay Coast and Countryside Trust.
  3. An individual will immediately leave the area when directed to do so by an Authorised Officer, and must not return to this area within 48 hours of being told to leave.
  4. No camping shall be permitted at any time in this area.
  5. No individual shall be permitted to erect a tent, shelter, bivouac or anything of a similar nature within this area.
  6. No individual shall drop, deposit or leave any form of litter or waste within the area.
  7. No individual shall be permitted to light a fire, barbeque or anything of a similar nature within the area.
  8. No individual shall be permitted to be associated with a fire, barbeque or anything of a similar nature within this area.
  9. No individual shall intimidate, obstruct or interfere with another individual’s enjoyment of this area.

If the Public Spaces Protection Order is introduced under the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014, the conditions listed above would be punishable by either a Fixed Penalty Notice, which is an on the spot fine and an alternative to going to Court, or prosecution at Court.

If there is not an immediate improvement in the issues that have come to define the area over the years, Torbay Council will proceed to make an Order.

They would like the views of anyone who uses and visits Hopes Nose on this course of action (See source below).

I for one would welcome any conditions that help alleviate this increasingly degenerating situation from continuing at Hopes Nose!