What to do this winter, fishing in Torbay

The nights are drawing in, the cold is starting to bite. None of this matters to the die-hard fisherman so what should you do this winter?

Wrasse stay in our waters all year long and I think they are one of the loveliest looking fish in our waters. 


Fish close to rocky marks with lures and you’re all set.

Something else that Torbay has in abundance is…. wait for it… I’m going to say it… don’t hate me… Dogfish!

A lot of fisherman hate them because they often take that expensive bait off your hooks. If you downgrade your gear (Like buying those really cheap and nasty £20 rod/reel combos) Dog fish can put up an epic fight!


If I’m in an area I know has dogfish around, I’ll leave the expensive bait at home (or use later) and just stick on some mackerel or cheap lug and fish for them using a really lightweight set-up. Again they like rocky and weedy areas, Meadfoot beach is a good place to catch them. 

This is also a good time of year to try catching some flat fish. One place I’ve had success with flatties in the past is Oddicombe beach. At this time of year you should be able to drive down there in the evening and set-up pretty much by your car. 

If you fancy venturing further afield than Torbay then may I suggest you try Chesil Beach. A word of caution though… you will often see catch reports like the image below and think it’s like that all the time. Just remember you only get to see the successful trips out, you rarely see all those other fisherman reporting blanks there. Saying that though, it is a good place to try in the winter months!

Chesil Beach