All you need to know about Wrasse

How to indentify Wrasse


  • Size: Can grow to almost 3ft and 10lbs. UK shore caught typically 1-3lbs.
  • UK minimum size: 9ins/23cm
  • UK shore caught record: 9lb 1oz

Detailed description

Ballan wrasse are the biggest and most common wrasse around the UK coastline. They are daytime feeders and they can grow to around ten pounds in weight although the average is 1-4lb from the shore.

You need to be prepared to lose your rigs as Wrasse LOVE rocky and mixed ground areas. You can sometimes find them close to pier walls like the one caught in the photo above by yours truly :)

We have a few varieties of Wrasse in our waters. The Ballan wrasse is by far the most common but corkwing wrasse are also found. Corking Wrasse look a lot like Ballan wrasse except the corkwing wrasse have a big black dot right next to the tail.


Peeler crab is a good choice of bait but they can can be caught on on other things including eel, squid and mackerel.