Photo guide for fish caught in the UK.

Fish on!

This page allows you to Identify many of the fish caught on our shores

Ballan Wrasse

Can be caught on bottom or on float. Favourite baits are peeler crab, rag worm, lug worm. Very common here in the South West and I think one of our nicest looking fish! See: Wrasse in-depth

ballan Wrasse.


Found in rocky areas like breakwaters.


Lesser spotted dog fish

Scavenger of the sea bed. Will eat just about anything it finds. LSD's tend to find food by smell. Can be found in all types of seabed. See: Dogfish in-depth

Lesser spotted dog fish.

Bull Huss (Greater spotted dogfish)

Very similar to the lesser spotted dogfish (above) but the bull huss also has dark patches along it's body. Normally found in deeper waters, rocks and wrecks.

Bull huss.


Normally found near the bottom. Main diet is crustaceans like crab and lobster but will also take squid and small boney fish.


Giant Sand Eel

Not something you catch often but I happened to catch one in May 2015. Held by my daughter Hannah. Click to enlarge.



Found during the Autumn and winter months and is favoured on sandy beaches. Best baits are worms and use small hooks.



(Photo supplied by Jonathan Grimes - Thank you!). Best baits are worms and can be found on sandy and shingle beaches.


Black Bream

Found during the spring and summer months. Best baits are worms and crabs.

Black Bream.


Found in rocky areas.



(Photo courtesy of Dan Norrish).


Sea Bass

Found during the summer and Autumn months. Will eat mainly live baits during the summer when plenty of live food is available. During the Autumn months they are much less picky. Using lures works very well in also catching these fish. Normally caught very close to shore. See: Bass in-depth

Sea Bass.

Red Mullet

Quite rare in our waters but they do appear. Worms do well with this fish on small hooks. Caught from sandy and shingle beaches.

Red Mullet.


Very common during the summer months. They will target anything shiny including mackerel strips, feathers etc. Normal depths are around 8 to 18ft but during the winter months can be caught on the bottom. See: Mackerel in-depth



Very common and can grow into monster fish. From shore can be caught using lures, floats etc. Record shore caught pollock is just over 18lb. Best baits are worms and crabs.



Found during the winter months and can be fished on float or other rig. Best baits are worms, squid and mackerel pieces.



Found in rocky areas like breakwaters.


Conger eel

Found hiding in rocks and won't venture too far out from its hole. Mackerel flappers, fillets and other large baits are best for these.

Conger eel.


Found in rocky areas.



Very common during the summer and they tend to follow the mackerel in. Caught on float, Garfish tend to swim at shallower depths than other fish. If you're catching lots of these and nothing else drop the depth another 5ft.


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