How to make a pulley rig

Completed pulley rig diagram photo.

Don't do what I did and not bother buying the pieces because it looked complicated. Believe me it's not and it feels very rewarding when you go fishing using your own, home made, fishing rigs and even more so when you start landing great fish off of them. It will also save you a lot of money!

What you need

  • 1x Large Swivel
  • 1x Small Swivel
  • 2x Beads
  • Weight (or clip) with impact shield to release the hook

The benifits When you reel in the line or when the fish takes the bait both cause the reaction of the weight being lifted out of harms way.

In rocky areas this rig will seriously help prevent snags.

This setup also gives the fish less resistance when they take the bait also giving a better chance of catching it.

The set up

As with all rigs they are very flexible in design.

For the main line make it around 20 inches in length. Start off tying on a swivel to one of the ends. Now add another swivel and leave it freely on the line. Now add a bead leaving it freely on the line Now tie on the last swivel and attach the weight clip to one side and the line and hook on the other.

Watch a better version being made…

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