How to make a cod rig

finished cod rig.

This is a nice rig because I've found it doesn't tangle as easily as other rigs do, especially with the impact shield. See my how to catch cod page for more details.

What you need to make this cod rig

  • Option #1 - 12-18lb line for soft ground
  • option #2 - 25-30lb line for rough ground
  • Shockleader line up to 60lb
  • 3x Swivels
  • 3x Beads
  • 2x Hooks
  • 3x Crimps

The set-up

If you're using lugworms then you want to leave around 1-2 inches between the upper hook and main hook. This gives plenty of room to slide up the worms. If you're using other baits like squid then having the upper hook just above the main hook will allow you to secure the squid more easily.

See my "How to catch cod" page for tips and tricks.

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