Fishing guide to Durl rock, Brixham

By Nigel Street

This is the road to Berry Head,plenty of parking available,park near to the wooden post

This is the path you got to walk down,it takes about 10 minutes to reach the spot.

When you get to the style turn LEFT

When you see this view its time to turn RIGHT onto a small path which is just in front of you.(you can't see it from this view)

This is the view from the top.
CAUTION!!.. The larger flat rock section is fishable at high tide but you will be cut off by the tide so I wouldnt fish it like this.Fish this section only when the tide is low so you can still get back. The large hollowed out rock in the forground is the place to fish when the tide is up. A drop net here would be an advantage.

This is what you see when looking towards Berry Head. 4'o clock on the pic is the location where to fish from.

This is what you see when looking towards St'Mary's Bay

Type of fishing spot

The area is a mix of rock,weed and sand and is around 20-40ft depending on the state of the tide.

Keep a lookout for seals in this area as they sometimes bask on the flat rocks.

Types of fish caught & bait to use

Sandeel for Bass, pollock and Mackerel. Use Ragworm for the Wrasse.


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