Fishing guide to Meadfoot Beach

By Simon Day

Meadfoot beach, Torquay.

Meadfoot beach in Torquay is commonly used by locals so it is usually quieter than other beaches in Torquay. I have had days catching nothing and other days I had bags full of mackerel which the local hotels served up. Meadfoot beach is often all or nothing with big wins if you fish it on the right day.

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General information

This is going to be a little tricky to explain as there are 4 main fishing locations on this beach…


This was my favorite spot. It is a little tricky getting to because you have some climbing and clambering to get to the spot

The main fishing spots at thunderhole are here:

Thunderhole, Torquay.
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If you are bottom fishing then fish close to the top rock patch. For float fishing you can fish anywhere. This is also a fairly common location for divers in the summer months so please be aware of them.

Centre of beach

Roughly in the centre of the beach is a rock half-circle as seen here at low tide:

Thunderhole, Torquay.
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Meadfoot beach centre fishing spot.
What's behind you (click to enlarge)

Expect to lose a lot of tackle fishing here but the rewards can justify the losses. You need something like a pulley rig to stand a chance of keeping your tackle. This is quite a popular place to fish in the winter months.

While I was taking the photos of the top one I was actually watching very large fish jumping out of the water and lots of birds diving down into the water. The fish were just past the cove you see and the birds were diving inside it. A hive of activity in September.

Launch ramp near cafe

At high tide this is a good place to float or bottom fish. There are a few rocks to watch out for so a pulley rig would be a good idea here also.

Fishing from launch ramp.
Looking out (click to enlarge)

Looking to the right of ramp.
Looking right (click to enlarge)

Kayak Fisherman?

If you enjoy kayak fishing then the location below is a good place to launch from and you have access to many of the better kayak fishing spots in Torquay including hopes nose and out by Thatchers Rock.

Far end of beach

On the far side of the beach you will find a pay and display car park and a launch ramp in need of some loving. As you see from the following photos it is extremely rocky…

Meadfoot beach far end.
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Meadfoot beach at low tide
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I've not seen many fish from here but if you can get to the point and cast out you should find a number of bottom feeders. Again if you bottom fish expect to lose a lot of tackle.

Type of fish caught

Also see: Photos of species.

Catches (depending on season) are mainly Mackerel, Garfish, dogfish, Whiting, pollock and wrasse. In the winter a number of various flat fish bottom feeders.

Rarer catches include conger, cod, bass, black bream, red mullet and smoothhound.

Depth for float

Normally 3 to 12 ft

Legal issues

There is a warning sign on the cliffs for Thunderhole saying do not climb the cliffs. It is used by fisherman, rock climbers, absailers etc so use your own judgement.

If you are thinking of coming down on holiday and want to combine this with some fishing training I can offer you this service.

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