What wind direction to avoid fishing in when you're in Torbay

This page will show you which wind to avoid and how you can tell which way the wind is blowing at the popular marks in Torbay, Paignton and Brixham.

Wind in east, fish bite least.

How can I tell an Easterly wind?

Wind direction is reported by the direction from which it originates. So an Easterly wind blows 'from' the East 'to' the West.

Why does an Easterly wind make a difference?

First let's look at where the easterly wind blows in the bay...

Easterly wind direciton Torbay.

An Easterly wind creates larger waves and swells within the water. Many types of fish are lazy and won't battle against the waves and swells if they don't have to.

Because it's harder to feed when we have an Easterly wind, many types of fish prefer to shelter from it in locations away from the stronger waves and swells.

So an Easterly will always be blowing in front of me?

No, not quite. If you're standing on Paignton beach then yes, an easterly wind will be blowing directly towards you from the sea. A bay is curved so you have to take into account the curve of the bay and where you are on that curve to determine the direction of travel for the Easterly wind.

If we were take that compass above and move it up to Princess Pier in Torquay then the Easterly will be blowing towards the Grand hotel, like this:

Easterly wind at Princess pier.

So if you're standing exactly where the compass above is on Princess pier, once you take into account the curve of the bay, an Easterly wind will actually be blowing from the harbour shops towards the Grand Hotel.

Likewise if you're standing at the start of Brixham Breakwater the Easterly wind will be blowing towards the other side of the breakwater, like this:

Easterly wind at Brixham Breakwater.

The images above were taken (and copyrighted) to http://googlecompass.com/ - I suggest you load it up and have a look at all your favourite fishing spots so you can see where the Easterly wind will be blowing based on where in the bay you're fishing.

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