Fishing Training in Torbay, Devon

Fishing training on the pier.

The training has been a lot of fun but I have no time for it now.
Please join any local groups, clubs or online groups to see if you can team up with someone from those groups.

Have you ever wanted to take up beach or pier fishing but have no idea where to start or what to do? Learning to fish can seem quite daunting but it doesn't need to be if you have a relaxed, friendly person to coach you.

Most of the people I've taken fishing have never used a rod and reel in their life. As you will see from the gallery at the bottom of the page, they quickly found fish at the end of their line :)

I offer a three hour induction session in which I will teach you...

  • How to set up a fishing rod
  • How to tie the most common knots
  • How to cast
  • How to float and feather
  • What depths to fish
  • How to increase the chances of catching a fish
  • How to land a fish
  • What to do once you've caught a fish

I supply EVERYTHING you'll need!

If you have no equipment it doesn't matter. I will supply rod, reels, feathers, floats etc. You can bring your own equipment if you want to but I have everything we'll need. The only thing you'll need to bring is snacks and drinks to keep yourself going.

You also need to bring WARM clothing! Even in the summer it can be cold by the water with the wind chill!

Unbiased advice

While we are fishing I can offer you advice on what equipment you'll need. I don't sell ANYTHING so any advice I give you is completely unbiased and independent!

When would this training take place?

The training is tide and weather dependent. I'll keep in touch with you and we'll discuss the predicted weather a day or two before we meet.

How much?

I charge £45 per head (minimum two people, maximum of four people) for a 3 hour session, This covers any lost feathers, weights and so on. There are NO costs for anyone with you who won't be fishing.

Any restrictions?

Children under 18 must have an adult accompany them. If they are under 10 the training won't include feathering due to the amount of hooks on the line.

I have a current and active DBS certificate which can be shown upon request.

I've taught someone who was 72 so you're never too old to start!

I operate a 'catch and release' policy on ALL fish that won't be eaten or used as bait. I will however take photos of you with your catches as a memento.

Where will we fish?

It will most likely be from Goodrington Promenade in Paignton. For some parts of the year it may be from Princess Pier in Torquay. Both of these fishing spots are great because they are the most child friendly places to fish and it's rare to get snagged on anything.

How do I book?

Sorry, you can no longer book the training

About me

Simon Day
Me with an unusual catch for Princess Pier, Torquay.

I started fishing in 1986 and I've fished all the fishing spots listed here many, many times.

I am super friendly and I promise I won't be technical. Nothing I show you will be too complicated. You will learn a LOT in the time we are out.