Charter boat mackerel fishing with FunFish Trips

This is my own personal experience of what to expect when you go mackerel fishing on-board the FunFish Trips charter boat.

I had such a great afternoon with Ross, Bill and Kat that I had to write about the experience. This is what it will be like based on my own first hand experience...

If you mention Torbay Fishing when you book you will be looked after!

Funfish Trips

Contact Details:

Name: Ross
Telephone: 07711 042 229

Funfish Trips.

I wanted to take my two daughters (Hannah and Jess) mackerel fishing on a boat. I recently added FunFish Trips to my charter boat page and Ross (the man you'll meet in their kiosk) was so friendly and nice, I had to try them out!

We arrived at 11.30am on Saturday 16th July and easily found their kiosk, right on the Brixham harbour.

Arriving at their charter kiosk in Brixham.
Hannah & Jess outside their kiosk on Brixham Harbourside.

We were greeted by Ross with a warm smile and I even managed to pursuade him to have his photograph taken with me :)

Ross and Simon at their kiosk.
Me (left) and Ross (right) meeting at their kiosk.

I have to say, as office views go, I think Ross has one of the best...

Office view of Brixham Harbour.

There were two other families going out mackerel fishing with us that day. My kids were much happier knowing they were not the only kids on board!

Safety is a HUGE thing for me as my youngest child cannot swim very well. My mind was put completely at rest when Ross spent several minutes talking about the safety features before I booked. I won't bore you with all the details but this boat does long distance wreck fishing so the license is even more strict than a boat which only goes out a mile or two. The barrier going around the boat was also more than enough to prevent any child falling over, even in rougher seas.

Safety barrier on board.
No chance Jess would fall over this barrier!

The depature point is a 2 minute walk away, in the same location that the ferries use so we just followed the signs for the ferry and it was easy to find. You walk past some public toilets on the way, useful if you have kids :)

The boat is fast and we were very soon waving goodbye to Brixham Breakwater and on our way to catching some mackerel!

Brixham Breakwater view from the sea.

We were very quickly at our first mark. Bill explained how the rods and reels work and went through it a couple of times before passing them out and letting us loose on the mackerel. We even had a Brixham trawler beep the horn and wave as they headed out to much deeper waters :)

Brixham Trawler leaving the bay.

We started dropping our feathers and doing the fish-dance to bring them in :)

Mackerel feathers dropped.

We have had lots of pods of dolphins this year as well as seals. Some of the groups on this boat have fed seals and watched dolphins play beside the boat. We were keeping a sharp eye out while we were fishing but we didn't see any today.

In total, a dozen mackerel were caught and even though Hannah didn't catch one she was still smiling as we returned to shore... Jess... well, I'm not sure what was going on... :)

Hannah and Jess

The two families we were with were lovely! Ross, Bill and Kat were all amazing and everyone had a great time onboard the FunFish Trips boat. It really did live up to its name!

Funfish Trips

Contact Details:

Name: Ross
Telephone: 07711 042 229

Mention "Torbay Fishing" when booking!

Funfish Trips.